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5 Incredibly Smart Ways To Protect Your Property While You're Away On Vacation.

The days and weeks before a vacation are filled with anticipation. Amidst all the preparation its easy to think that simply locking the doors is all you need to do to make sure your home is safe while you're gone. Based on the FBI's estimation there are at least 2 million home break-ins every year in the United States. This translates to about a home burglary every 13 seconds. These burglaries are often done by people are desperate and dangerous.  

Luckily there are a few simple things you can do to keep your property safe. Aside from a home security system, there are several things you can do to keep your property safe while you're enjoying the good life. Here are our top 5 tips on how to protect your property while you're away.

Recruit a friend for help

Ask a neighbor or a close friend to collect your mail, pick up any packages, pull out the trash cans. They can also go inside the house for a visit so that it looks like it's being lived in. Thieves will think less about doing any damage to a house where it looks like someone is home. 

Collect the spare key from outside

Like most other people, burglars will enter your home from the from door. Even if you hide your key outside, chances are they'll find it and put it to good use. 

Check your security settings on Social Media

Facebook is an a excellent way for thieves to know if someone is home or not and who would make a good target. Make sure the privacy settings on all your social media accounts only let your friends see your posts. This way you can feel safe knowing that you're not drawing unsolicited attention to the fact that you are away from your home. 

Unplug Your Home

The idea here is to reduce the power consumption while you're gone. This can be done by unplugging small appliances that aren't going into a surge protector. Computers, TV's, video game consoles, and anything that uses the internet will most likely continue drawing power even after you turned them off. Unplugging them will save you those precious dollars.

Invest into a Security System

This is the only thing we've added to this list that costs money, but these days you can't be too careful. According to FBI estimates, the average cost of a home burglary is around $2100. The average security system costs around $30 per month which is next to nothing compared to what you'll spend if your property is broken into.